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About Estimates

All estimates are valid and kept on file for 30 days pending approval. If changes are made to the quoted design, the estimate will note be accurate and additional charges may apply.


Artwork will be archived for a period of 3 years from the last time the artwork was used. Copies of files will be provided upon request during this time for an additional fee. After 3 years of no use artwork will not be kept on file in either paper or electronic format. Rainier Designs is not responsible for lost artwork due to computer failure after 90 days from the last date of use. Lost artwork within 90 days due to computer failure will be re-digitized at no cost.

Responsibility of Infringement

I desire to engage Rainier Designs to perform certain services involving the digitizing of logos, pattern and/or designs (collectively 'Designs') for me so that the Designs may be embroidered or screen-printed. Rainier Designs desires to perform the services requested by me. Accordingly, I and Rainier Designs agree as follows:

  • I represent and warrant to Rainier Designs that the services performed for me by Rainier Designs will not cause Rainier Designs to infringe the copy write, patent, trademark or other rights of third parties.
  • I understand that I am solely responsible for obtaining all required clearances and permissions for the use, reproduction and distribution of the Designs, which are the subject matter of the services performed by Rainier Designs for me.
  • I understand that I accept all responsibility of the third party's right based on any of the services performed Rainier Designs for me.
  • I shall indemnify and hold Rainier Designs harmless against all claims, damages, and liabilities arising from the infringement of any copy write, patent, trademark or proprietary right of third parties resulting from the services performed for me by Rainier Designs.

All modified images created by Rainier Designs can or will be used in promotional material including advertising, magazine articles and website unless otherwise requested in writing.